Sunday, September 06, 2015

Too Good to Last

So I would apologize for my lack of posting but really you should have expected this.

Sadly I have gone back to work full time, and really full time, so I simply haven't had the time to think let alone collect any thoughts and write about them. I have taken on the task of reopening a wine store after having to physically move all the stock and fixtures some 40 kilometers. The packing and moving took four full days and then the construction in the new location has taken essentially another 10 days, followed by rebuilding the store layout and shelving the stock all the while trying to find staff. Just prior to the move I was crunching numbers and learning the company systems as best I could so it's been a long tiring experience.

The end result has been roughly three weeks of working 10-12 hours daily six days a week all the while commuting 45 minutes each way to the new location. With any luck, and we haven't got much so far, we should be able to actually open the store this week and my time requirements will be slightly less and then by around the first of October I should be settled into a routine of five day weeks. At that point I will make every effort to post weekly but until then things will be sporadic at best.