Friday, September 29, 2006

Week 4 Selections

Last week - 1-1 <$10>
Year to date - 2-4 <$180>

Current balance - $2320

OK so last week wasn't too bad, the Redskins won big and Carolina continued to suck so I lost the vig.

This week has a lot of big lines (Indy +9, Dallas +9.5), has the Patriots as 6 point underdogs and has a very high number of "home team dogs" (6). I really like Jacksonville in Washington but I'm not betting it for religious reasons, and as much as I'd like to bet against Dallas giving 9 1/2 on the road I'm not sure Tennessee is a top 10 College team so I'm staying away.

I am putting $100 on Cleveland giving 2 1/2 points on the road against "The Raydas" and I'm giving St. Louis one more chance by putting $100 on them to cover 5 1/2 at home against Detroit.

The Last BBQ ?

As fall approaches the grilling season pretty much ends at our house, as "old school" charcoal/hardwood grillers we can't just fire up the gas and have the Q ready in 5 minutes.

Sunday past was possibly the last time our venerable Weber Bulbeque will be in service until April or May of '07, and it was not a disappointment. Wanting to recall all of summer's flavours I sought out some asparagus and leg of lamb and went to work. The lamb was butterflied, bathed in olive oil, rosemary, mint, elephant garlic, pepper, salt and dijon for about 6 hours then brought to room temp before heading onto the grill for 15 minutes to be perfect medium rare. While the lamb rested the asparagus was grilled and all was served with roasted spuds in rosemary and kosher salt.

The meal was accompanied by a very good bottle of Brampton OVR, a South African blend of Cabernet and Merlot in roughly equal parts (about 45% each) with the final addition of 10% Shiraz. The food was perfect and the wine was a beautiful match with hints of clove and raspberries in a medium weight with a big long finish.

If this was, in fact, the last Grill of the summer it was a great way to say goodbye.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Week 3 Picks

Last week: 0-3 <$270>
Year to date: 1-3 <170>

Current Balance - $2330

Ouch, last week was ugly especially since the game I dumped, Minnesota over Carolina, was the only one I actually picked correctly.

This week I'm going with the tried and true "They're too good to be 0 and 3" theory with 2 teams, Carolina and Washington.

The Panthers were a pre-season favourite to go to the Super Bowl and are giving 3 points in Tampa Bay. The Bucaneers have looked awful and I think Carolina wins this one. $100 on Carolina -3.

My other pick is based on a combination of faith and desperation, I am a serious Redskins fan and the thought that they can't cover 4 1/2 points against Houston is too much to bear. There is nothing from the first two weeks to indicate that Washington should beat anyone but I'm still going "Skins to Win". $100 on Washington -4.5.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Week 2 Selections

I'm getting cold feet about the Minnesota pick but I'm going ahead with $100 each on St. Louis and the over 40 in KC vs. Denver.

I'm also going to put $50 on a parlay of the same 2 bets (which will pay $130 if I hit them both).

I also like Dallas over the Redskins but just can't bring myself to bet it, even if it's not real money.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Wine Guy's Wagers - Week 2

Last week - 1-0
Current record - 1-0

Current balance - $2600

I should probably quit now but I'm getting some heat for picking such an "easy game" last week - well if it was that easy everybody would have bet Philly and the line would have moved...... anyway.

I said I was only going to maker "straight bets" but it's my blog so I can change the rules so parlays are in. We'll use standard Vegas payouts 13/5 for 2 game, 6/1 for 3 game - there is no "vig" on a parlay but a push is a loss.

Going forward my picks so far are:

Minnesota +2 at home versus Carolina - the Vikes played smart ball control against a good Redskins team last week and I think Steve Smith will miss another start so I'm taking the home dogs.

over 40 - Kansas City at Denver, this line is based on Trent Green's injury but I like backup Damon Huard and think these 2 teams will combine for at least 41 points.

St. Louis -3 at San Francisco - the 49ers are bad, period. I think the Rams are underrated right now and 3 points ain't much.

I'll decide by Friday which games I'm betting and how much, but right now I'm leaning to $100 on the over, $50 on each spread and a $50 parlay - but things might change by Friday.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Wine Guy's Wagers

I'm 1-0 Baby - that's right the"Wine Guy" is 100% for the 2006 NFL season.

If I was a Vegas Tout I'd be spamming every guy whoever clicked on an on-line betting service and screaming out stuff like:

The WineGuy's "Gold Preferred" Package picks are 100%

and trying to sell yearly subscriptions to my picks and Sunday afternoon halftime phone service for $59.99 .......... hey send me the money anyway, at least until next week when I'll probably go up in flames.

But right now .......... I'm undefeated and my virtual betting account is swollen up to $2600.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


In conversation with McGyver a while back I was asked how my night had been at work. I replied that it had been busy but unfortunately not very profitable, whem McGyver asked why I replied that i had been "Eurod" a couple of times. McGyver's blank stare indicated to me that he was unfamiliar with my phrasing so I thought I would explain.

In the service industry, particularly at the high end, the term"Euro" or "Eurod" refers to wealthy tourists from Europe who decide that 5-8 % gratuities are perfectly acceptable. Many idiots claim that this is not the Euros' fault as "tips are included in their country", this argument is, quite frankly, bullshit. I have travelled overseas extensively and have always made it a practice to familiarize myself with local customs and practices, not just about tipping.

The bottom line is that the Euros who leave 5-8% are either ignorant, insular, cheap or all of the above.

Anyway just an explanation of an "industry term".

Friday, September 08, 2006

New Feature - NFL Football Wagering

I am adding a new feature to the blog: gambling "advice".

When I was single I loved to gamble and even after marriage continued to bet football. basketball, play poker and occasionally go to the track. Birth of daughter put an end to virtually all gambling, I'm even retiring from my rotisserie baseball league at the end of this season (although it appears I actually retired at the beginning of this season), but with the coming NFL season I'm introducing .......... "The Wine Guy's Wagers".

I'm starting the season with $2500 virtual dollars and will pick at least 1 game a week with a minimum $100 wager, straight bets only no parlays, with an assumed 10% vig. We'll see if I make any money (or even have enough to get through 17 weeks). I'm going to use the line as listed in The Vancouver Province.

Anyway here we go, Week 1.

Lots of interesting sidelines this week, Manning vs. Manning, will T.O. ever play etc. but not a lot of "jump out at you games".

I like the Browns over the Saints giving 3 and the Tuxedos(Tennessee) giving 2.5 to the Jets but I'm going to make my pick with $100 on the Eagles giving 5 points in Houston.

There I said it, let the mocking begin.