Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Wine Guy's Wagers - Week 2

Last week - 1-0
Current record - 1-0

Current balance - $2600

I should probably quit now but I'm getting some heat for picking such an "easy game" last week - well if it was that easy everybody would have bet Philly and the line would have moved...... anyway.

I said I was only going to maker "straight bets" but it's my blog so I can change the rules so parlays are in. We'll use standard Vegas payouts 13/5 for 2 game, 6/1 for 3 game - there is no "vig" on a parlay but a push is a loss.

Going forward my picks so far are:

Minnesota +2 at home versus Carolina - the Vikes played smart ball control against a good Redskins team last week and I think Steve Smith will miss another start so I'm taking the home dogs.

over 40 - Kansas City at Denver, this line is based on Trent Green's injury but I like backup Damon Huard and think these 2 teams will combine for at least 41 points.

St. Louis -3 at San Francisco - the 49ers are bad, period. I think the Rams are underrated right now and 3 points ain't much.

I'll decide by Friday which games I'm betting and how much, but right now I'm leaning to $100 on the over, $50 on each spread and a $50 parlay - but things might change by Friday.

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