Friday, September 08, 2006

New Feature - NFL Football Wagering

I am adding a new feature to the blog: gambling "advice".

When I was single I loved to gamble and even after marriage continued to bet football. basketball, play poker and occasionally go to the track. Birth of daughter put an end to virtually all gambling, I'm even retiring from my rotisserie baseball league at the end of this season (although it appears I actually retired at the beginning of this season), but with the coming NFL season I'm introducing .......... "The Wine Guy's Wagers".

I'm starting the season with $2500 virtual dollars and will pick at least 1 game a week with a minimum $100 wager, straight bets only no parlays, with an assumed 10% vig. We'll see if I make any money (or even have enough to get through 17 weeks). I'm going to use the line as listed in The Vancouver Province.

Anyway here we go, Week 1.

Lots of interesting sidelines this week, Manning vs. Manning, will T.O. ever play etc. but not a lot of "jump out at you games".

I like the Browns over the Saints giving 3 and the Tuxedos(Tennessee) giving 2.5 to the Jets but I'm going to make my pick with $100 on the Eagles giving 5 points in Houston.

There I said it, let the mocking begin.

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