Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jeff George is back

In case you missed it "The Raydas" have signed Jeff George as their #4 QB - many in the sports world are mocking this decision.

Jeff George was a marvelously skilled QB with, arguably, the best arm of his generation ...... but he was hated by coaches, team mates, fans and media alike. You have to be a supreme asshole to be as talented as Jeff George and still not be able to get a job in a league that has no problem giving large cheques to convicted felons but Jeff has been on the outside looking in for 4 years and is now 38 years old.

To the legion of scoffers Jason Whitlock, the supremely talented columnist for the Kansas City Star, sums it up brilliantly:

"Jeff is like the hottest girlfriend you ever had.

Oh, she might've been bat-spit crazy, slept with all of your boyz and is in need of medication, but two or three months after the breakup all you really remember is the great sex, the weekends in Vegas and the two-month, drama-free period when you thought you'd found your very own Halle Berry.

And you know what? Under the right conditions, you'd take her back, and you'd even bring her around your boyz again. But there would be no talk of a serious relationship, no public affection, no contact with your parents, very little kissing, and you'd eat out at Applebee's or maybe Red Lobster on a special occasion.

Don't act like you wouldn't. If you're over 25, don't act like you haven't. This is real talk.

If you go into it with your eyes open, you can milk two or three years of friends-with-benefits happiness out of it, and have the freedom to bag any of her friends without a bit of guilt."

That, my friends is inspired sports journalism.

I have always been a Raider hater but this time I've gotta hand it to them - a stroke of genius,

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