Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hall of Fame

The Baseball Hall of Fame inducted Bruce Sutter this week, once more proving that Hall of Fame voters are idiots.
After all Willie Mays only received votes from 95% of voters and Ted Williams only 93% - so 5% to 7% of these experts don't think Mays and Williams belong in the Hall of Fame.

Bruce Sutter is, by all accounts, a nice man and was a very good relief pitcher during his 13 year career. Bruce Sutter is not a Hall of Famer, his numbers just aren't good enough. This is the Hall of Fame and should be reserved for the Greatest Players in the game not the "Hey he was the best reliever in the National League for most of the '80's".

There are 4 standard "numbers" systems for measuring Hall of Famer's and Sutter doesn't meet ANY of them. Check out Baseball Reference if you want the details, but trust me Bruce's numbers just don't add up. Okay so there should be exceptions made for players who contribute to "great teams"( the Whitey Ford, Catfish Hunter syndrome) but again Sutter is lacking, having appeared in only one World Series in his career.

Sutter's major points come from leading the NL in saves 5 times, a nice accomplishment but this is ......... The Hall of Fame.

Sutter doesn't belong.

Goose Gossage on the other hand, now there was a Hall of Fame reliever........ and don't even get me started on how Ryne Sandberg is in and Andre Dawson isn't.

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