Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Random Heat Wave Thoughts

It is hot here in LotusLand and we're not used to it.

Next year I swear I'm going to study Farmer's Almanac and buy a truckload of fans at Costco in June then flog them on Craigslist at 100% markup and take the month of July off.

I really believe the BlueJays are only a shortstop away from the playoffs. I can't believe JP Riciardi will let this year slip away and hope he can pry Julio Lugo away from Tampa in time to make a run. Barring a trade I think Troy Glaus at shortstop and Hinske back at third is a better alternative than watching Russ Adams airmail throws into the seats a la Uncle Donny.

Why do people ask to sit on the Patio and then complain that it is too hot ?

Summer drinking is a different beast; Malbecs and Pinot Noir rule the "Wine with Dinner" Roost, Rieslings and Chenin Blancs are back on the list at my house and "Dark and Stormys" have replaced Scotch on the rocks as my post dinner cocktail.

My "Dark and Stormy" recipe is: 2 ounces good quality dark or amber rum (Havana Club or Appleton's are just fine) and the juice of one lime shaken over ice until your tongue would stick to the shaker. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour rum/lime mixture over then top with Ginger Beer - repeat until you are convinced that your version of "Day O" is perfect.

Daughter has a new bike - 6 speeds with front shocks .................. yeah Baby !!!!!!!

George passed away, peacefully, on Friday July 21st. he lies in state in a jewelry box somewhere in Daughter's room and has been quickly replaced by Julian.

Michael Peca is a Leaf - I have mixed feelings. On one hand Peca is a very good player who does all the little things that make winners but his acquisition spelled the end of the Eric Lindros era in Toronto and I just have a sneaking suspicion the the "Big E" will stay healthy enough this year to score 30 goals in Dallas.

Sometimes watching a grown man walk into a glass door is the funniest thing you can imagine.

Jean-Claude Van Damme was in the restaurant last night and I'm pretty sure I could kick his ass.

I will try and post more often.

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  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I can't remember why Dark and Stormy's are outlawed at our house. I just can't remember.