Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup Recap

Well I was bang on in my predictions, remember I said France would under achieve.

What the Hell was Zizou doing ? I don't believe that anything "new" in the insult department could have come up but if it did then all power to Materazzi for finding it.

England were brutal and will continue to be for quite some time.

Brazil need some rebuilding and quite frankly I don't see a great team out there right now. If I had to handicap World Cup 2010 I'd pick Germany.

The diving has to be eliminated, the bottom line is that a penalty kick is just too valuable at this level for it to be awarded unless somebody gets killed.

Tony Blair wants to field a "Great Britain" team - aaaaaaaah, I don't think so. I'm Scots and I would rather see Germany/Italy/France anybody else win than England so I'm not thinkin' "the lads" will play under St. George's banner anytime lately.

FYI - the "official" final of the Cup Final was Italy 6 France 4, but the penalty kick goals don't count as goals scored by the individual players. Huh ?

Canada is not a soccer nation.

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