Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Whisky Watch

I was recently introduced to Grant's Sherry Cask Reserve blended Whisky - BCLDB 171082, $23.70. For this introduction I must say, Thank you G.

I had long ago basically abandoned blended whisky, as I rarely found them to have the depth of flavour I seek from my Scotch, but am happy to return to the blended fold.

Blended Whiskies are the backbone of the Scottish whisky industry, roughly 90% of all "whisky" sold is blended whisky. Blended whisky are composed of "single malts" (minimum 10%) and grain whisky. Much mystery and myth surrounds the % of "malted whisky" in each blend, Johnny Walker Red Label is said to contain 15% with Chivas Regal rumoured to be 50% malt.

The higher percentage of malts leads to deeper flavour as grain whisky is basically neutral. Aging is another component of flavour, blended whiskies rarely carry an age but if they do then that is the minimum age of any components in the blend.

Grant's Sherry Cask Reserve is blended in "first fill" Oloroso sherry casks which provide a lovely amber colour and nice spicy, fruitcake component to the whisky. Served on the rocks or with a splash of water this is a lovely dram and excellent value.

Highly Recommended.

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