Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dine and Roll

Last night one of my brethren got beat on a "Dine and Dash", with a twist.

A Dine and Dash is when the guest leaves without paying their tab, in other words when they steal their dinner. The cost of the tab comes out of the servers pocket in most cases, although the labour laws are a little unclear on the true responsibility.

Many restaurants have a "D & D" fund where servers contribute a dollar a shift towards covering these occurrences..... ours does not.

The twist on last night's D & D is that the perpetrator was in a wheelchair. The "Roller" wheeled away and when confronted, 50 yards away, said "Oh, yeah I paid...I gave it to the guy in the jacket (our General Manager)". By the time my "brother in apron" was able to confirm lack of payment the "Roller" was long gone.

Hall of Fame Baby, Hall of Fame.

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