Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stunningly Bad Beer Commercial

OK, it's summer so my TV watching is way down (late nights on the front deck with a cocktail having replaced TV watching with a cocktail).

After all long days, cold beer and re-runs all add up to little time in front of the box.... but the other night I felt like a little mindless tube exploration. At some point a commercial comes on for Kokanee and I am stunned by the level of dumbness this commercial reaches.

Yes, I am aware that beer commercials are not generally a high art form but at least most of them try to have a bit of humour and tell us why we should drink the product. The commercial in question has a parasailing Sasquatch on a waterski, three girls in bikinis on JetSkis, a houseboat with a hot tub and......a leering porn-moustached "Park Ranger" who actually says something like "Hubba Hubba".

The Ad says nothing about the brand except for the tag line "the beer out here"....... "out here" is apparently the mind of a high school senior with a big budget.

Please for the love of God........bring back "Brew".

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