Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dinner in the Back Yard

Last Friday we dined "al fresco" with the neighbours.

It started out with my comment to Dr. A, on Thursday, that wild coho was on sale at Choices (I'm a compulsive "flyer" shopper). Her response was "Well I guess I know what we're having tomorrow night" and I said that I'd already picked up a big fillet. The idea was then proposed for a "house dinner" and agreed upon.

So on a sunny Friday evening we set up our dining room table in the backyard with dinner for 6 adults (neighbour's mom plus visitor from England) while daughter and "almost 3" T-money ate at the plastic picnic table.

Appetizers were edamame from the garden with cold Pilsner. Dinner was grilled coho brushed with garlic-lime butter, fresh Fraser Valley corn and roasted squash (again from the garden), Doctor A and I drank 2003 Riesling Kabinett from Selbach Oster while others drank something red.

Post dinner was a bit of coffee and Macallan 15 while the kids went to bed.

For years I barely knew my neighbours and now we live in a commune, wierd ........ but good.

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