Friday, September 29, 2006

Week 4 Selections

Last week - 1-1 <$10>
Year to date - 2-4 <$180>

Current balance - $2320

OK so last week wasn't too bad, the Redskins won big and Carolina continued to suck so I lost the vig.

This week has a lot of big lines (Indy +9, Dallas +9.5), has the Patriots as 6 point underdogs and has a very high number of "home team dogs" (6). I really like Jacksonville in Washington but I'm not betting it for religious reasons, and as much as I'd like to bet against Dallas giving 9 1/2 on the road I'm not sure Tennessee is a top 10 College team so I'm staying away.

I am putting $100 on Cleveland giving 2 1/2 points on the road against "The Raydas" and I'm giving St. Louis one more chance by putting $100 on them to cover 5 1/2 at home against Detroit.

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