Friday, September 29, 2006

The Last BBQ ?

As fall approaches the grilling season pretty much ends at our house, as "old school" charcoal/hardwood grillers we can't just fire up the gas and have the Q ready in 5 minutes.

Sunday past was possibly the last time our venerable Weber Bulbeque will be in service until April or May of '07, and it was not a disappointment. Wanting to recall all of summer's flavours I sought out some asparagus and leg of lamb and went to work. The lamb was butterflied, bathed in olive oil, rosemary, mint, elephant garlic, pepper, salt and dijon for about 6 hours then brought to room temp before heading onto the grill for 15 minutes to be perfect medium rare. While the lamb rested the asparagus was grilled and all was served with roasted spuds in rosemary and kosher salt.

The meal was accompanied by a very good bottle of Brampton OVR, a South African blend of Cabernet and Merlot in roughly equal parts (about 45% each) with the final addition of 10% Shiraz. The food was perfect and the wine was a beautiful match with hints of clove and raspberries in a medium weight with a big long finish.

If this was, in fact, the last Grill of the summer it was a great way to say goodbye.

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