Sunday, September 10, 2006


In conversation with McGyver a while back I was asked how my night had been at work. I replied that it had been busy but unfortunately not very profitable, whem McGyver asked why I replied that i had been "Eurod" a couple of times. McGyver's blank stare indicated to me that he was unfamiliar with my phrasing so I thought I would explain.

In the service industry, particularly at the high end, the term"Euro" or "Eurod" refers to wealthy tourists from Europe who decide that 5-8 % gratuities are perfectly acceptable. Many idiots claim that this is not the Euros' fault as "tips are included in their country", this argument is, quite frankly, bullshit. I have travelled overseas extensively and have always made it a practice to familiarize myself with local customs and practices, not just about tipping.

The bottom line is that the Euros who leave 5-8% are either ignorant, insular, cheap or all of the above.

Anyway just an explanation of an "industry term".

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