Thursday, December 08, 2005

Where were you 25 years ago ?

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the tragic murder of John Lennon.

Regardless of your opinions on his music or life, Lennon was a powerful voice for change and "peace", and his death forever altered our perception of celebrity. Lennon was the first person I recall who was basically murdered because he was famous.

At the time of Lennon's murder I did not fully appreciate the impact the event, or the loss of one man, would have. The night Lennon was killed I was working behind the bar at The English Bay Cafe (long missed), it was a cold night for Vancouver and my friend Ken Kelly came in, obviously distraught, and told me the news. I didn't grieve because I had no relationship with John Lennon. Twenty five years later I look back and feel more deeply about the event because I have experienced loss, the death of my father, and I now have a family so I can identify with the pain that Lennon's wife and children must have felt, and still feel.

There are few "outside events" that have occurred in my life that I can clearly recall my whereabouts, but Lennon's death is one of them. I am older now than John Lennon ever became, and that is sad.

I didn't understand how important John Lennon's death was on December 8th, 1980 but I think I do now.

Where were you ?

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