Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Random Thoughts

My Mom is in town for the next three weeks so my blogging will be even spottier than usual, having a 147 year old Scot underfoot leaves little time for writing. I've got a couple of minutes now as I told her I saw a quarter in the next door neighbour's yard.

1) I've stopped "The Marj Watch" - it's just not as much fun when the guy is unemployed.

2) What kind of odds could you have got in September on an Oilers-'Canes Stanley Cup Final

3) Newspapers are referring to "trendy Whyte Avenue" - c'mon it's in Edmonton.

4) World Cup is fast upon us. I'm going way out on a limb and taking Brazil, I also expect Italy and France to under acheive and Spain to finally do something.

5) I haven't had the heart to tell Ed that Ireland didn't qualify - but at least I haven't made him bet on Ireland yet either.

6) June just got better, my birthday, Father's Day and now ......... Pilsner Urquell King Cans are on sale.

7) Butterflied Leg of Lamb on the Weber with Pinot Noir.

8) I can't believe Ricky Williams didn't sign with the B.C. Lions - c'mon Ricky go to the source.

9) George and Ben are still alive.

10) Bodegas Piqueras, Marques de Rojas Almansa - CSPC#317008, $9.99 - 100% unoaked Garnacha Tintorera (Grenache), nice deep purple colour with a bit of black pepper/cassis and just a touchy of minty, sage on the back end. Very good with grilled ribs or chicken.

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