Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Random Thoughts

Well I promised to post more so here goes:

I am very happy to see Peyton Manning and his enormous cranium in the Super Bowl, now if New Orleans had made it from the NFC all would be perfect but I'm just glad it's not the Brady Bunch again.

Will someone please tell Bill Belicheck that "grunge" is sooooooo yesterday and that it's okay for him not to look like a roadie for Pearl Jam on the sideline.

Two African American head coaches in the Super Bowl, and it only took 40 years. Now if two African American head coaches squared off in the BCS championship I'm sure the state of Mississippi would burst into flames and disappear forever.

In my most recent conversation with "west coast paranoid" columnist I was chided about "The East Coast media" not writing about the Canucks and Bob Cole not being able to pronounce Kevin Bieksa's name. Bieksa is "the breakout player of the year" and "a great story", Bieksa is -2 and has two more even strength points as Ian White, but I'm not complaining about the Vancouver media ignoring mediocre Leafs defencemen ........ yet.

Bob Cole's Toronto bias must be a result of his being born, raised and still residing in Newfoundland.

Will somebody please tell Sportsnet that Nobody wants to watch a radio show on television, it was bad enough that we had to watch the guy from Toronto with the sunglasses on indoors but Pratt and Taylor are just as bad - although they are from the west coast.

In the music vein it is important to remember that much of what was excellent when we were 20 was in fact just God Awful, spending 99 cents to buy Journey songs is just wrong.

I drank no ground breaking wine last week but should remind everyone about how good the red wines from Finca Los Primos are: Malbec SKU #632919 , and Cabernet Sauvignon SKU #74245 both widely available and both $9.95.

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