Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bachelor Week - Part 1

Wife is in Manhattan for a conference which means I'm bachelor for a week (well not quite - four days but no quibbling). I always take this week off work because:

1) I couldn't possibly get babysitting for four nights

2) By this time of the year I need a week off

I just hang for the week, cook and watch the kind of movies that wife doesn't enjoy, namely action and/or scary movies.

The Bachelor Guy FilmFest began last night with a screening of The Transporter, a 2002 Action flick starring former Olympic diver and fashion model David Statham as an ex-military black ops guy who now "transports items" for shady types. The plot is laughable but the action is nicely choreographed, especially the martial arts scenes and the opening car chase.

I give it a "Bachelor Thumbs Up", but not way up.

Tonight is either creepy or vampire - I'll keep you posted.

Nothing great on the wine front, though there are a bunch of "Limited Time Offerings" at the BCLDB this month. LTOs are when the agent/producer discounts products by $1 or $2 for a month to boost sales. Some notables are the Finca Los Primos range of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay all at $8.95 and yummy Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon for $13.99, down from $15.99.

Shockingly, Carlo Colaiacovo is hurt, surely Nic Antropov's knees aren't far behind.

The Red Sox have now clinched a playoff berth and stand as mortal locks to win the World Series, not only this year but until the end of time.

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