Monday, October 29, 2007

After the Apocolypse - Day #1

It's been almost twelve hours since the Red Sox won their second World Series in the 21st Century and the world has not ended, unless of course your name is Blair Wilson. The new Evil Empire, Boston not Wilson, have now won as many World Series in the last ten years as the Florida Marlins, and one less than the Yankees.

It should be noted that:

A) on August 24th I declared the Red Sox mortal locks

B) neither the Marlins or Yankees ever subjected the world to Green Shamrock Caps.

Since last I blogged I visited Disneyland along with wife, daughter and god daughter. It was an excellent vacation, despite a few meltdowns by daughter and me, and I highly recommend a trip for anyone with children.

A couple of points regarding the Magic Kingdom, first they don't sell gum and secondly they have marketing down to a finer art than I've ever seen before. As far as the spectacles, well the parades are killer and my top three rides were: Indiana Jones, Soaring over California and Pirates of the Caribbean (4 times with daughter - singing "Yo Ho" pretty much word for word by the end).

My wine drinking has been limited to House Wine mostly as there is little new and exciting in the BC Liquor emporiums but I'll try and list a few faves in the next post.

A new feature in the blog is going to be Stupid Restaurant Terms and my first two nominations are:

Oven Roasted - hello what other device do you use to roast things in ?

Slow Braised - as opposed to what ? Fast Braising ?

The restaurant industry, and menus in particular, are rife with this kind of stuff, I once worked at a restaurant where we printed up the Features daily on a Fresh Sheet. The kicker was that our General Manager refused to allow the word "sauce" to be used on the menu or fresh sheet, feeling the term was pedestrian. The fresh sheet was therefore riddled with "demis" and "reductions" and "remoulades" but never a sauce was seen - I printed a copy of the fresh sheet one day, as a joke, offering a "gravy" just to watch his face turn to that cute shade of crimson.

Please feel free to send in your own favourite restaurant malapropisms, or just plain "stupids", via the comment section ...... or not.

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