Friday, January 11, 2008

Tony Gallagher made me Blog

I thought it was all over. I really felt the blog had run its' course and would just die off, in fact it had been so long since I'd blogged that forgot who I was and I had to remember passwords and shit to get this far.

Finally, however, something rattled my chain enough to make me blog again.

No, it wasn't the sorry state of The Leafs, no it wasn't the Canadian kicker shanking a gimme and giving the SeaHawks new life when my Redskins had their hands around Seattle's collective throats, it wasn't even the delay in the start of production of High School Musical 3 or the fact that There Will be Blood isn't a vampire movie. What finally forced my hand was the most recent musings of Tony Gallagher in what passes for a newspaper here in Vancouver.

Now I've never really gotten Gallagher to begin with, his grumpy persona and West Coast homerism have never really appealed to me. I mentioned him in an earlier blog when he blamed the Minnesota Twins hitting coach for Justin Morneau's hitting woes - though of course when Morneau was successful it was all because of good clean Canadian air growing up. Truth be told I just stopped reading his column, but this morning his mug was on the cover of the Daily Fishwrap so I turned to page A4 to read Tony's musings on the recent Canuck's ownership flap, and was glad I hadn't eaten yet.

I don't think I've ever seen such a ridiculous display of flag waving outside the US border in my times. Gallagher would have us believe that the saintly Francesco Aquilini never had any partnership with the evil litigious Gaglardi-Beedie cartel and that his lack of details on cross examination was simply the honest omissions of a very busy man. What's more Gaglardi and Beedie are nothing but thugs for attempting to besmirch the reputation of a man who made his fortune benefitting from his family's long tradition of being Slum Landlords.

C'mon Tony we know that you have to kiss ass with the Canucks brass to get any quality time with Nonis et al, but does your tongue have to go up there too ?

Why is it I get the feeling that Tony had two columns written for this scenario, the one he published and the one that spoke of the evil Aquilini taking advantage of two honest hardworking BC boys named Gaglardi and Beedie.

I'm not sure I'm all the way back but at least the blog is alive for this week. I'll talk about the hamster later.

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