Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Dream is over and MisPlaced Charity

The dream died last night in Toronto. It wasn't much of a dream to begin with (just making the playoffs) and didn't have much chance for success but it official ended with the Bruins 6-2 butt kicking of the Maple Leafs last night.

The offseason promises to be interesting.

Will the upper management of MLSE actually hire a new General Manager and give him full control over hockey operations ?

Will the new GM have the stones to eat some contracts, Raycroft, Tucker and maybe Blake spring to mind, and move in a new direction ?

History tells us no and regardless the Leafs will continue to be a huge cash cow but as fans we can only hope.

My plan sees a new 2 year deal for Sundin at 4 million a year, a couple of small signings along with buy outs of Tucker, Raycroft and maybe even McCabe. Bring back Clemmenson at 500K, play Toskala 65 games and play Pogge 60 games in the AHL, resign Deveraux, Moore and look to deal McCabe (with the threat of a buyout if he won't waive his no movement), Bell and Wellwood.

That's a start at least, and if they can pry Kulemin free from Mother Russia they have three solid lines and five reasonable D Men (Kaberle, Kubina, Colaiacovo, White and Stralman) and whatever they get for McCabe/Bell/Wellwood.

If anyone is interested I'd be happy to take an assistant GM position for 200K and a moving allowance.

On another note I awoke this morning to see the Vancouver media rallying around the plight of David Scholfield and DJ Kearney whose house burned down on Tuesday. Both the local TV outlets and the Vancouver Sun were calling out for support for the couple and their two teenage children.

Excuse me ?

Yes the loss of one's home and many personal possessions are tragic and I feel for them but Mr. Scholfield was the former director of purchasing for the BCLDB, drawing down six figures prior to his early retirement and 50K+ per year pension and Ms. Kearney is a sommelier of some note so I'm assuming that they:

1) have some financial resources

2) had insurance on the house they owned.

I should, at this point, mention that I've known Mr. Scholfield for many years and do not like him but, that notwithstanding, if we are going to "rally around" the plight of people in the hospitality industry how about the single moms working double shifts at White Spot or the dishwashers working 10 hour days to take home $300 a week without benefits.

It is unconscionable to me that prominent people in my industry are asking for assistance for a couple earning six figures a year when we can't get dental plans in 75% of the restaurants in the Province and the drive to view the burnt out Scholfield/Kearney residence will likely take you over the Second Narrows Bridge, under which people live in cardboard boxes.

I'm sure I'll draw some heat for this but I can't believe that this is the way the hospitality industry should provide a "wave of support" for the unfortunates in the industry.

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