Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nine Days Off

It is wife's annual Convention trip next week, Atlanta this year, so I am off for the week. I have made this an annual "sanity break" even though I technically probably could go into work and have Auntie Margarethe care for daughter, but I don't think that's the best use of my week (or Auntie Margarethe's).

I have no major plans for the week, although it's Thanksgiving this weekend so I'll mostly just be eating. I have the Holiday Weekend Food Trifecta all set up: Saturday is Prime Rib, Sunday is Irish Ham and Monday is Turkey with the R's, wines are all chosen, shopping done, Yeah Baby I'm set.

So what do nine days off mean to me ?

1) Nine straight nights of eight hours sleep

2) Nine straight days of not having to eat my main meal at 3:30 in the afternoon

3) Nine days in a row when I can have a beer while cooking dinner

4) Nine consecutive days when I can kiss my daughter "Good Night" while she is still awake.

5) The option to watch prime time television for an entire week, it doesn't sound like much but believe me it's a treat.

6) Nine days without having to shave, though I probably will.

7) Nine days without having to talk to strangers, though I probably won't.

8) A whole school week when daughter can play in the schoolyard without being rushed home.

9) Nine days without downtown traffic and downtown drivers.

I'll try and post about the food on Tuesday but remember ........... I'm on Vacation.

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