Monday, May 17, 2010

Best Nickname for Rabid Sports Fans

First off let me preface this with the statement that I admire dedication in sports fans, I hate bandwagon jumpers .

I think when you pick a team you should stick with them through thick and thin, that you should have an unhealthy dose of optimism and bravado regarding "your team".

I don't see anything wrong with calling actions, or accomplishments, of your team as things "we did" or in asserting that "We really need a top 6 forward", these are acceptable statements.

There are certain groups of sports fans who are more obnoxious than others for various reasons . I think Canucks fans are pathetic for their constant whining and refusal to accept that maybe, just maybe, they haven't won a cup because they aren't good enough rather than some intricate plot devised by the NHL head office and the league's officiating crew.

Leafs fans, of which I am one, are obnoxious because it's a bit silly to refer to a franchise that hasn't won anything in 43 years as "a premier franchise" (unless you hold stock in MLSE), Raiders fans/Cowboys fans are obnoxious and Habs fans used to be before Les Canadiens stopped being relevant at which point their fans just became cute and quaint - sort of like Hobbits .

In fact all fans, by nature, are a bit tiresome but the worst example of fandom are those in "RedSox Nation" and by extension fans of the Bruins/Patriots/Celtics. For some reason the fans of Boston area teams feel a sense of entitlement that confuses me, the Bruins haven't won since 1972 (and just became the 3rd team in NHL history to blow a 3-0 series lead), the RedSox went 86 freakin' years between titles, the Patriots are cheaters and the Celtics are just like every other NBA franchise - irrelevant .

And yet still the fans of the New England teams will wax eloquent for hours on end about the glories of all things Bostonian .

Recently I discovered the perfect terminology for these members of the mythical "Nation", since Boston is located in the state of Massachusetts the perfect name is:


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