Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Little Hockey Hall of Fame Moment

The Hockey Hall of Fame has just announced it's latest selections and once again two players with solid credentials have been passed over, Doug Gilmour and Pavel Bure .

Little has been mentioned in the local media about Gilmour's exclusion but there has been much gnashing and wailing regarding the snub of Bure. This strikes me as odd that Vancouver is much more loyal to Bure than he was to Vancouver but enough about that.

A friend of mine wrote in his column today about how Bure was the "3rd leading goal scorer in goals per game among players with more than 400 goals" which is now my new favourite statistic .

The bottom line with Pavel Bure is that he has three big things going against him:

1) He's not North American

2) He never won a Stanley Cup

3) He was a jerk

I defy you to find anyone else in the Hall of Fame who possesses all three of those qualities so it is my considered that Pavel will continue to look in from the outside.

I still hold out hope that Killer will be inducted .

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