Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daughter gets "Down with Webster" and Snow - again ?

Last night marked, soon to be twelve, daughter's first concert experience and the world as we know it has changed.

Daughter and two friends, along with a parental couple (God Bless their Souls) attended an All Ages show at the Vogue Theatre headlined by Toronto based "rap rockers" Down with Webster and although the opening acts were apparently totally lame the headline act was totally awesome plus like it was just so great and LOUD, and great .

My first concert experience was at the advanced age of 13 and was Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention who may just have ended up slightly more important than DWW but who knows . All I know about DWW is that they did a cover of Hall and Oates "Rich Girl" and that there seem to be a lot of them in the videos I've seen. I'm not sure if daughter's obsession with pop music is normal or healthy but it is what it is so there's no point in fighting it.

On another note it snowed a couple of inches yesterday to,hopefully, put the punctuation mark on one of the strangest winters I can ever recall here on the Coast. Snow in November, nothing in December/January and then more snow on the last weekend of February .

Truly bizarre.

I blame Gary Bettman.

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