Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things come in Threes so I'm still Waiting

There is an old expression that states that: Good things come in Threes, so I've got one more to come, or maybe that's trouble come in threes. Anyway a couple of good things happened lately.

First off on the list was yesterday's overdue announcement of Doug Gilmour's induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame. This is indeed a good thing, Killer was one of the great players of his generation and the spiritual leader of the last Toronto Maple Leafs to be truly dangerous. The 1992-93 Leafs were a great team that came within one game, some would say one blown call, of the Stanley Cup final. In that 1992-93 season Gilmour, all 155 pounds of him, finished with a Leaf record of 127 points and was named the leagues outstanding defensive player. It still confounds me how Gilmour could be 8th in offense and the best defensive player and not be the MVP but that's another story.

Gilmour lead the Leafs to the conference final again in 93-94 but never got the Blue and White further. Gilmour's stay in Toronto was only six season's but they were great yaers and he was the leader of that team. Gilmour had been passed over in previous HOF voting but this year they finally got it right.

I had the good fortune to serve Doug Gilmour a number of years ago, you can read about my feelings here.

The second piece of good fortune is likely more relevant to my readers, my house wine has dropped over $1.00 in its' retail price. For those with short memories I have been drinking the delightful La Casona, an old vines gem from the biggest producer in the Yecla region of Spain, Bodegas Castano. The wine is old vines Monastrell (Mourvedre/Mataro) and it's both consistent and delicious.

The wine was $8.99 when I first discovered it a few months and then quickly jumped to $9.50, still good value, but today at the boozer I picked up a couple of bottles and noticed that the price was down to $8.50. It's a good thing indeed, at least as long as it doesn't mean they are stopping shipping it. Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe I don't have #2 yet, but in the meantime buy a few bottles of La Casona, it's perfect for grilling season, assuming we are going to eventually get grilling season.

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