Monday, July 25, 2011

Nice Aussie Riesling

It's, sort of, summer and a man's fancy turns to white wine, at least this man.

Last Friday featured Prawns on the Barbie and as an homage to Paul Hogan I unscrewed a bottle of newly listed Australian Riesling, Frisk Prickly Riesling .

I will be honest, I love Riesling. It is probably the white grape I drink the most with Chenin Blanc in second place, because it is light, refreshing and always a good complement to food. I had heard a bit of buzz about the Prickly Riesling but really was going in blind. I ended up very happy with my decision, this is old school Riesling in that the fruit is the star, it's a touch sweet and has that little tingle on the tongue that acidic fruity whites should have.

Wife and I sat at the table post dinner sipping the last of the bottle and almost as one said: "You know, we really should drink white wine more often". It's unlikely we will but the wine was good enough that it made us consider it.

The wine is newly listed and has broad distribution and while not cheap, at $14.99 per bottle, is certainly worth having in house to crack on a warm night with grilled fish or spicy Asian flavours .

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