Friday, February 17, 2012

Stupid NHL Polls

Much was made in local media, and I use the term loosely, about a recent poll of NHL players that had Phil Kessel listed as the most easily intimidated player in the NHL, followed by the Sedin twins, Daniel and Henrik.

First off this "player poll" was the result of 145 anonymous NHL players voting, since the NHL employs roughly 750 players the poll is hardly mathematically significant, and secondly it illustrates to me that these 145 players aren't very bright.

I mean if Kessel and the Sedins are so easily intimidated why are they all in the top ten in the NHL in scoring ? Shouldn't the opposition coaches do something about this to scare them away from scoring ?

The macho culture is always going to be prevalent in professional sports, Wayne Gretzky was criticized for being soft, but is is a bit sad that a sport that has done so much to improve its' on ice product and put speed and skill at the forefront has to deal with this stuff. It's also sad, to me, that 145 NHL players chose to anonymously dump on their brethren, I'm betting most of the 145 who responded are just guys who wish they had the skill sets of the players they mentioned .

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