Monday, April 16, 2012

All Edinburgh Cup Final

Well my last post was regarding the Irish so keeping in a Celtic manner I thought I'd post about a momentous occasion that has occurred as a result of Hearts thrilling 2-1 win over Celtic in the Scottish Cup semis just one day after Hibernian defeated Aberdeen by the same score. These two results set up the first all Edinburgh Scottish Cup final since, wait for it............................1896, Hearts 3 Hibernian 1.

That's right the two top teams from Scotland's capital city haven't met in the Cup final for 116 years, in fact Hibs haven't won the damn thing since 1902, which would be more surprising were it not for the fact that The Old Firm, meaning Celtic and Rangers, pretty much own the Cup, and Scottish football in general, with 68 wins. Still it is rather astonishing that Hearts and Hibs haven't met in the Cup final since the 19th century unless you know the history of Edinburgh football and the misery that has befallen Hearts, my team, over the years including losing the 1986 Championship on the last day because Hearts lost 0-2, at home, and Celtic won 5-0 giving Celtic the title on goal differential. In the past decade Hearts have been more known for changing managers, nine in the past five seasons and potential bankruptcy than football and Hibs haven't really won anything of note since 1902 but none of that will matter on May 19th when they face off for the Scottish Cup.

Of course the Scottish FA have immediately stated that despite the availability of Murrayfield, the 67,000 seat National Rugby stadium in Edinburgh, the final will still be contested in Glasgow at Hampden Stadium because..................well just because that's why. Regardless of where it's played it is unlikely that I'll be able to view it live so the best I can hope for is to wake up Saturday morning on the 19th of May to find that the world has not ended, and hopefully that Hearts have won. I will not force family to endure any haggis and due to the infinite wisdom of the BCLDB I won't even be able to enjoy a Scottish beer. Despite a brewing tradition as long as any Scottish beer is absent from BC shelves, though of course we can buy beer from such notable brewing areas as Turkey and Trinidad and Tobago but nary a Wee Heavy to be found.

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