Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Middle Eastern Readership is Gone, and a legend passes

Blogger recently added a bunch of stuff that allows me to track where my hits come from, and how many I have. I'm really not interested in this information in a big way as I really just write this blog for my own entertainment and that of the 20 or so people that follow it closely, however it was interesting to see that I had loyal readership in both Iran and the Ukraine.

How or why I have no idea, but I was regularly viewed by someone(s) in each of those countries, until recently that is. In the past month I have lost my followers in both Iran and the Ukraine, now in Iran there are many reasons why reading blogs might not be happening but I'm struggling as to the loss of my Ukrainian readership.

Oh well I can console myself with the big increases from both France, 25 views last month, and Norway, checking in at a solid 18 views. It's also interesting to note that my most popular post of the past twelve months, with 417 page views, was In Praise of Pork Tenderloin, which still lags far behind the almost 1,500 views for this 2007 all time classic. Just goes to show what even the slightest penis reference can do for your readership.

On a more serious note Donna Summer died yesterday, from cancer, at the age of 63. Donna, and Gloria Gaynor, were the true Queens of Disco and Summer's 17 minute version of Love to Love you Baby was probably responsible for many a teenage pregnancy in the 1970s. Anyone who sweated away in a high school, or elementary school gym, or pimped it up in a disco in the '70s or '80s spent some time shaking it to Donna's hits. 

Summer's passing will not likely bring out the wash of emotions that Whitney Houston's death did because Summer was no longer in the headlines, and lived a life without the same sort of drama that Houston attracted, but a generation will mourn her loss .

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