Sunday, February 26, 2006

Trouble comes in threes so what's next ?

Last week I left my waiter wallet at work and it disappeared, it was a well loved 15 year old black oversized wallet with 2 zippered pockets and lots of room for credit card vouchers, promo bills etc.

At the end of the night all my pens, corkscrew and crumber were zipped into one pocket, while my coin float was in the other zippered pocket. My cash float of $50 ( a $20, a $10 and four $5's) was in another slot along with a picture of daughter. The wallet then went into my backpack as a self contained "instant waiter" package.

On the night I left the wallet at work I went for a beer after work and didn't clean out my bag immediately upon getting home. The next morning I emptied my bag and phoned work but alas........

Then this afternoon while wife and daughter were out skating someone helped themselves to our cell phone from wife's backpack. As luck would have it my cellular contract is expiring this month so a replacement phone won't cost too much but all my phone numbers are gone and as always there will be some cost involved in setting up a new phone.

If trouble really does come in threes I should be waiting for the last shoe to fall.

1 comment:

  1. That's a shitty run of luck, pal.
    There's no word to describe the depravity of fellow workers (assumed) who poach off their workmates. At least the phone thief had an honest food or drugs problem to manage.
    First time at your blog. Where do you work?