Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Couple of Beverage notes

I did the "second bottle" test on the Marquisat la Perousse the other night and the test came back positive, had it with Roast Chicken, so it's definitely a best buy.

Had a nice winter brew, Black Sheep's Riggwelter Strong Yorkshire Ale, these are the same guys who bring us Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale but the Riggwelter is better for me. Nice full body, 5.7% alcohol, with bitter notes and spicy flavours. The Riggwelter is a little scarce but can be found at Broadway and Maple as well as at the "mothership" (39th & Cambie), $3.25 for 500ml., CSPC#890871.

In the beer vein, insert joke here ................, one of my regular rotation of Pilsners is on sale this month, Radeberger Pils, the pride of (Former) East Germany is discounted to $1.99 for a 500ml. snappy black can (CSPC#123257) it is in good supply and available pretty much everywhere. While not as good as Urquell, Radeberger at $1.99 is a very good deal my friends.

Bartender asked me last night for Pinot Noir recommendations, "Wow, there's a loaded question" - the search for reasonably priced Pinot is Dan Brown's next book topic I'm sure, but here are a few for under $15.

Pinot Noir D'oc (France)- Moillard - "Hugues le Juste" - varietally true and consistent, good value, $12.99, CSPC#363523. Widely Available.

Pinot Noir (Chile) - Casa Viva - bad package, decent juice though not as consistent as the Moillard. Good value $13.49 CSPC#207670. Widely Available.

Proprietor's Reserve Pinot Noir (B.C.) - Jackson Triggs - for my money the most reliable "value " producer in the Okanagan, this Pinot is a little light but is consistent and good value $13.49 CSPC#543868 - available everywhere.

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