Friday, February 09, 2007

Weekly Ramblings: Superbowl, Zip Monkey 2.6 and a couple of decent Reds

Well I promised to blog once a week, not once every seven days, so here I am:

It's 2007 and my neighbour's cat has a blog, yet spellcheck still doesn't recognize the word.

Superbowl - what can I say: well we learned that Rex Grossman is terrible, that Peyton can win "the big one" and that Prince is a trooper (no way Janet and Justin go on in those conditions).

Other SuperBowl highlights include the "mystery meat" sausage (Caribou) and two bootie shakes by guys who should know better, plus the inclusion of chickpeas and blackbeans in this year's Chili.

The other day someone at work observed, correctly or not, that there was more computing power in today's Blackberry than in the first space launches.

Maybe so but where can you fit the monkeys in the Blackberry ?
The answer, my friend, is ZipMonkey 2.6 - all the modern technology plus the Monkeys. I'm sure this is part of the new Mac operating system.

The Canucks have far exceeded my expectations, and their own I'm sure, but I still hate them.

Don is in Cuba to watch the Cuban Baseball League All Star game.
A couple of thoughts about this:
Doesn't the idea of an All Star game fly in the face of Marxist theory ?
Does the MVP get a raft and a two hour head start ?

I had a couple of good value bottles in the last week or so:

First off is Castillo de Monseran a nice little Garnacha from the Carinena district of Spain. It's high altitude fruit and has a nice touch of acidity to counter balance the inherent sweetness of the grape variety (Garnacha), it's widely available for $9.99 , CSPC #197806, and is a good match with pizza, burgers etc.

Secondly is a nice little Bordeaux Chateau Le Marquisat La Perouse 2003 a tasty little piece of Merlot based red, with some Cab Franc unless my palate deceives me, from a great vintage. This wine suffers from eye appeal, as the label is among the ugliest I've seen in a while - wife described it as "menopausal lavender" in colour - but inside is a good example of what the French have to do to get back their market share.

This is not strictly "old school" Bordeaux but there's enough lead in the pencil to know that you aren't drinking something with an Emu on the label, nice fruit, very good acidity and a long finish made it a great companion to Rib steaks - all for $9.99. Widely available, CSPC #871103 this is highly recommended.

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