Monday, March 12, 2007

Just an average Fortune 500 phone Call

I'm sure this happens to you every day, you are sitting at home downloading some Live Rolling Stones tracks when the phone rings. At the other end is a partner in a major Canadian company who immediately says "Hey, how many points did Kelly Kisio score in his career?"

I give a low ball answer, and Major Company Partner replies that "Other Major Company VP" said Kisio had "like 800 career points" - I google Mr. Kisio and determine that his career point total was, in fact, 658.

We bounce back and forth on Kisio's career before I ask "Do you know where he was born?"

MCP replies "Calgary - right ?"

"No, Wetaskawin" I answer

"Oh that's where WP Kinsella was born" replies MCP

I hang-up.

It's good to know that two scions of industry rely heavily on a waiter for their vital life information.

Had a decent bottle of Italian red last week, a Montepulciano D'Abbruzzo, Caldora, 2005.

Back in the day Montepulciano D'Abbruzzo were always cheap and provided a nice inexpensive alternative to Chianti, but as with most things Italian the prices have gone up rapidly over the past 3 years and now most decent ones are in the $15 range. Typical of the variety the Caldora is medium bodied with nice herbal notes and a bit of dried cherry in the taste, the acidity level is fine for battling it out with Pizza/Pasta or grilled poultry.

There is limited stock on this product as it is currently discounted by a buck to $9.95 but if you find it grab a couple of bottles - CSPC#418335.

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