Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekly Ramblings - Daughter's Birthday, Cigars etc.

Yeah I know I said I'd blog more but .............. Anyway much has happened since last we blogged, the biggest event was Daughter's 8th birthday.

We have always down played birthdays in my family so daughter's "gathering of the coven" was mild compared to others, still the volume of shrieking that 6 little girls can produce is mind boggling. My ears were ringing as though I'd been at a Metallica concert and the sugar buzz carried right through to Saturday's final soccer game.

The current rage among the 8 year old set are "littlest pet shop pets" which are benign, and stuffed animals that make noise - there's a special place in Hell for the people who market these things.

U-8 girls soccer season came to a close on Saturday. This was daughter's first foray into organized team sports and it was a resounding success. The team was very close to being Hitler's dream - mostly tall blonde waifs who ran like the wind. The quantum leap in skills from September to March was amazing to watch, by year's end the squad was a well oiled killing machine and were the only team in the league to defeat the Italian Cultural Centre's entry "The Angels".

In fact the Daring Dogs owned the Angels with a 2-1 season record (not that we're counting, of course). They played two weeks ago in freezing rain and not one complaint did I hear from daughter...... but ask her to clean up her room - but that's for another day.

Don returned from Cuba, where the All Star was cancelled, with a renewed belief in Capitalism and some cigars. I was offered some cigars but declined, because I personally think that smoking cigars is really stupid. I mean isn't the whole idea of smoking to ingest nicotine into your system ? I smoked for years, only the birth of daughter made me stop, but even when I was a smoker I thought cigars were dumb. All they do for me is make my mouth hot. Smoking cigars is sort of like buying cocaine, separating out the narcotic and snorting the Baby Powder.

According to "Toronto is a Bad Place" columnist, the Vancouver Canucks don't get enough respect outside of Vancouver - maybe that's because watching the Sedin's cycle brilliantly while Roberto Luongo stands on his head is an acquired taste. Last night's game was a $10 "pay per view" game, I mistakenly thought they would be paying me but apparently not.

Had a nice bottle last night with marinated leg of lamb, Thorn-Clarke Terra Barossa 2003 Barossa Cuvee, a tasty blend of Shiraz (60%), Cabernet Sauvignon (33%) and Mourvedre (7%). Nice black fruit flavours with spicy oak and a touch of licorice, the tannins have softened nicely making this a good "Drink Now" selection - on sale for $17.99 with limited distribution (CSPC#323758).

My House Wine is also on sale this month - La Chamiza Shiraz-Malbec , from Argentina, is discounted by a buck to $14.95 for a 1.5 Litre, soft fruity juice but with enough acidity to accompany pizza, pasta, burgers, roast chicken etc. - widely available (CSPC#567941).

By the way - Did you know you can order energy efficient "blacklight" bulbs from California ? It's true.

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