Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Bad, Probably

So it snowed in Vancouver on Sunday, and Monday. While not the exact equivalent of Hell freezing over or the Canucks winning the Stanley Cup it is fairly unprecedented.

Many people were left wondering : "Why would it snow in Vancouver in March ?".

Well actually it was probably my fault.

You see we celebrated Christmas, again, on Sunday so the white stuff may very well be my responsibility.If you recall Vancouver was really covered in snow on and around December 25th so we made the decision that The Grands should not travel down to the coast from the Okanagan. We determined that we'd just wait and celebrate Christmas a little later, well one thing lead to another and a little later ended up being this past Sunday.

It was a great Christmas, no jumping out of bed at 7 am, no myriad of long distance calls, no turkey basting (we had prime rib instead). Grandma and Granddad dropped in around 4pm, we opened gifts, we had dinner, we played Pictureeka, we drank a large whisky and all ended happily.

All in all I really like the Second Christmas concept, but in future we'll try and do Saturday, and not go past Valentine's day so as not to screw up Monday morning commutes too badly.

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