Friday, March 27, 2009

And Bring me some "New" Wine

There is a moment in Steve Martin's first feature as a star, the memorable 1979 release The Jerk, where the newly rich Navan Johnson is dining out and asks the waiter for wine followed by "and bring me some "new" wine none of that old stuff - the newest you've got". That line, along with "that's all I need", has stuck with me for 30 years.

Last night was a day off, so one of three "family dinners" we enjoy weekly. I stuffed Pork Loin chops with bacon, onion, apple and sage and roasted them. The Chops were served with roasted potatoes, roasted beets and steamed broccoli and a simple mid-week red wine. The wine in question is a Carmenere from Chile Estacion, available in private stores for around $12 and good value. I popped the cork and poured, placing the bottle back down near daughter's seat.

Before I. or wife, could have a sip daughter exclaimed:

Don't drink that wine !

"Why not ?" says wife.

Daughter immediately replied:"It's gonna be awful, it's already 2 years old", the wine label clearly showed a vintage of 2007.

Wife and I explained that unlike milk, or fruit juice, wine can often improve with age and that it was OK to drink this bottle.

Maybe so, but I think daughter is still a bit skeptical. Just wait until she spots me pouring out a glass of 15 year old Glenfarclas.

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