Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things that may grow into a Blog

Very fast because I realized April might pass without a post, and I promised myself not to let that happen, a few thoughts:

1) The NFL Draft happened on Saturday and once again I could care less, except that the G-Man has compiled a list of the best names in the draft and there are some beauties. Among my faves are:

Captain Munnerlyn - 216th overall to the Carolina Panthers, he's no Admiral Dewey Larry but he's close

LaRod Stephens-Howling - 240th overall to Arizona Cardinals

Ramses Barden - 85th to NY Giants

Tiquan Underwood - 253rd overall to Jacksonville Jaguars

Al Afalava - 190th overall to the Chicago Bears

perhaps the best name in the draft was Yemi Babalola who, sadly, went undrafted.

2) The BC election.

It's heating up but the question is will anyone have enough candidates left by voting day ?

3) The NHL playoffs. Many issues including, but not limited to:

Now that Ron Wilson is gone who will get the blame in San Jose ? Answer: Ron Wilson

Will Calgary fire Mike Keenan after a first round loss to hire Brent Sutter, who also lost but at least went seven games ? Answer: Probably

If you aren't on the Canucks bandwagon does that mean you're not a hockey fan ? Answer: Yes, it also means your unpatriotic and probably a terrorist. I still hate the Canucks so there's at least one empty seat on the bandwagon.

4) BC Wine is over rated and certainly over priced. There I said it, that feels better.

All, some, or none of these things may be blogged about in the near future.

Oh, yeah one more thing. In this morning's "You have to pay for it so it must be real journalism" tab Donald Brashear and Darcy Hordichuk were both referred to as NHL tough guys. While I suppose that's true but remember Meryl Streep and Jenny McCarthy are both actresses too.

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