Monday, June 01, 2009

Almost Perfect ......... with a choral fist pump

Yesterday was as close to perfect as it's been in a while.

After the rare miracle of attaining eight hours sleep I awoke to a beautiful morning, clear, warm and sunny. A dawdly Sunday morning breakfast of blueberry pancakes and sausages followed by a little shopping expedition before the day's festivities began in earnest.

Yesterday marked the end of the season for daughter's Children's Bach Choir, the finale to be held at the Chan Centre on the UBC Campus. Despite being blessed with fine voice daughter was still nervous about the performance but didn't "freak out" as has happened in the past. The day was full of neighbourly good will as both downstairs and next door neighbours had children performing as well, in the younger "Piccolo" version of the choir.

We arrived on time but a small glitch in directions had me missing the parking garage on first pass so wife and daughter disembarked, I found the garage and arrived at the doors just as the Centre was being opened (1:30 pm). Then the waiting began, and continued, and continued ........... finally shortly after 2:15 the doors to the theatre were opened and we settled in.

The performances by the 5 different Youth Choirs were all rock solid, and if the show ran a bit too long well so be it. The highlight, to me, was the performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's version of the Pie Jesu for requiem mass by the 11-12 year old choir. The piece is heart achingly sweet and perfect for young voices, although it is very challenging.

The rendition featured two soloists, one male and one female. One of the features of this choir is that soloists at the younger levels are not identified until concert day. This is, I suppose, to lessen anxiety. Regardless both soloists performed beautifully, and as the song ended, to great applause, the young girl smiled broadly and gave a distinctive left hand fist pump ......... way cool in my mind. I'd much rather see 12 year old choral fist pumps than major league sports ones any day.

The concert marked the final day as Music Director for Bruce Pullan so the post concert speeching ran too long, the only thing really to mar the day. It was past 5 pm by the time we arrived home, and since we had arranged for a "three family BBQ" we had to move quickly.

Steaks were rubbed, asparagus was bathed in olive oil and lemon zest and garden fresh greens were tossed in garlicy vinaigrette while cold beer and G & T were quaffed. Table and chairs were moved downstairs to the back yard, Malbec uncorked and dinner hit the tables around 7pm.

Dinner was great, the kids didn't lose it and daughter even remembered to do her homework.

With everything packed up, dishes done and duaghter in bed around 9ish I reflected back, through a glass of 15 year old Dalwhinnie, on a very, very good day.

Sorry I forgot to blog in May, but who knows ? Maybe I'll do two, or more, in June.

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