Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Thoughts because it's August 31st and I haven't Posted this Month

Well I promised myself I'd post at least once a month this year and here I am down to zero hour. Not sure why I've been avoiding posting, there has been lots of fuel for the fire but I just haven't felt my muse.

Anyway, some random thoughts:

1) If you are a man never go out for dinner in Vancouver wearing black pants and a solid colour long sleeved shirt. You can easily be mistaken for a waiter.

2) Politics in general, and in British Columbia specifically, now make me sad. They used to make me angry but I'm older now so I just get sad. To paraphrase the old joke:

How can you tell when a BC Liberal is lying ?

His lips move

3) Konig has replaced Radeberger as my "go to" Euro King Can Pilsner, despite the outrageous fifteen cents a can extra in cost.

4) Derek Jeter may, or more likely may not, be engaged to a girl named Minka. Seriously, a girl named Minka who portrays a cheerleader on television, could it be anymore perfect.

5) Jim Rice is auditioning for the Harlem Theatre production of "Grumpy Old Men", in a twist Rice will play both titular roles. In a response to being "misquoted" in slagging A-Rod and Jeter to Little Leaguers Rice stated:

"No, really I wouldn't say anything like that, ever.

I'm not at all bitter about anything in baseball, not the fact that I had to wait 15 years to get into the Hall of fame, not the fact that I never won a World Series and certainly not the fact that Jeter and A-Rod make twice as much per season as I made in my entire career.

I'm not bitter about anything, now excuse me I have an appointment to see about getting some hair extensions."

6) It's less than 6 months until the Olympics start, if you leave the house now you can probably make it downtown in time for the opening ceremonies.

7) Some good new wines I tasted recently:

Cortello 2006 - Estremadura, Portugal, CSPC#30411, $13.99, reasonable distribution. Nicely spiced with good fruit, needs a few minutes in the glass to open up but it's a nice drink with anything non-seafood coming off the grill. made with Castelao (Periquita) and Aragonez (Tempranillo) grapes.

Carmenere Reserva 2007 - Vina Maipo, Chile, CSPC#891994, $12.95 reasonable distribution. Remember when Carmenere was going to be Chile's "signature grape" ? Well it appears the BCLDB has, there are now a dozen or so Carmenere available, some solo and some blended with other Bordelaise varietals. I've always liked Carmenere, it ripens later than Merlot but retains much of the silky fruit character that made Merlot so popular. This Carmenere has a lovely balance and long finish that is great for grilled meats or pasta with red sauce.

School starts, finally, next week so perhaps I'll put finger to keyboard more often next month. Not likely but it's possible.

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