Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Best Favre story ever and some political Math

For those of you who do not follow NFL football the travails of Brett Favre may be a mystery. Favre was the long time stellar quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, Favre had a storied career and lead the Packers to a Super Bowl Victory before a tearful retirement after the 2007 season. End of story, wait a couple of years, induct Favre into the NFL Hall of Fame and that's it right ?

Not quite, you see the NFL is Brett's "Brokeback Mountain" and he just doesn't know how to quit it. Favre came back out of retirement forcing a nasty split up with the Packers, who still owned his rights, and a trade to New York where Brett proved, to many but not all, that he is done.

After New York collapsed down the stretch, causing their coach to be fired, Favre retired again. This time it was for real..............NOT. In August of Favre announced his unretirement and joined the Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay's main divisional rival.

As illustrated in this new's story not everyone in Minnesota is pleased to have Brett "unretiring" in Minneapolis.

As a side note, as G Man pointed out, this may very well be the best Brett Favre story but is unlikely to be the best goat story we've heard.

In an unrelated story the BC Liberals announced yesterday that they would be going back on another election promise. This one involves giving $20 million in gaming revenue to the Arts Council of BC, oops sorry we've changed our minds.

First off I think that every member of the Liberal Party should have to go to the library, assuming that the library still has funding to stay open, and look of the meaning of the word promise...........maybe have them write it out a few times.

Secondly, in an economy where the government is struggling to raise capital this decision is patently stupid. The Liberal Party's own study shows that for every $1 invested in the Arts the government receives back $1.38 in tax revenue. If I meet somebody who gives me back $1.38 every time I give him $1 I'm going to try and find justification to give that guy more money, not less.

But "The Arts" are an easy target and reducing funding to them plays well in the heartland where the Liberals draw much of their uncontested support so it's a no-brainer as far as the government is concerned.

Sadly much of what this government does seems to fall into the category of "no brainer".

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