Friday, September 17, 2010

Player Contract

My friend "Former Big Firm Partner" asked me to post the Player Contract I had my 11 year old girls soccer team sign so here it is:

Funky Monkeys Player Contract

As a Funky I will Always:

Support my team mates, on and off the field

Play Hard, Play Fair

Listen to my Coaches

Tell my coach if I’m hurt or too tired to play

Show up on time ready to practice or play

Call my coach, in advance, if I can’t attend a game or practice

Ask a question if I’m not sure

Try my best

As a Funky Monkey I will never:

Argue with a referee or another player

Do anything to embarrass myself, my team or another player

Criticize my coach, my team mates or my club

Whine, ever

These contracts are signed and returned by all the players, if only it were that easy in other ventures.

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