Saturday, September 04, 2010

They Should be Ashamed of Themselves

The B.C. Liberal Party that is.

I have been a lifelong Liberal, except for a minor dalliance with the NDP when I was in University but really let's just write that off to youthful exuberance . Voting NDP when you are in post secondary school is sort of like experimenting with drugs, binge drinking or being over active sexually, it's one of those things that just happens that you don't need to keep bringing up later in life . In the last provincial election however I spoiled my ballot rather than vote Liberal .

The current provincial party in BC that masquerades under the Liberal banner is an embarrassment, never mind that their ideology is somewhat right of SoCred, never mind that they are mad with power, never mind that they lack respect for their electorate the bottom line is that they are big fat liars, and don't seem to care that anyone knows.

The recent HST revelations should not surprise me, I've said all along the problem with the HST was not the tax but rather the way it was spun. Had the Liberals come out after the election and said:"hey, you know what, we screwed up. The deficit is bigger than we thought, the economy isn't rebounding fast enough so we need federal dough and we're going to look into this HST thing".

Follow that up with some studies that show the value of the HST, spend some money on some ads and then pass the legislation in the house by democratic vote and I'm thinking it would have been OK, not well liked but OK.

But the arrogance of this government couldn't allow them to do that, instead they just said: Screw you, we've got another majority and no visible opposition so we're just going to force the HST on you .

Then as the facts roll out that in fact they had probably already made up their minds before the election and just flat out lied to the duly elected House and their electorate their basic response is: So what ? Are you really going to throw us out and let the NDP back in power ?

The root of the problem is a government with no opposition and apparently no moral compass . There should be resignations but I doubt there will be, after all it's just business as usual for this government .

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