Monday, January 23, 2006

Election Day Dream

It is federal election day here in Canada and a dark cloud looms over the land. The forces of Sauron, oops I mean the Conservative party, appear poised to rip power away from the old King and turn Paul Martin into this generation's John Turner.

The stench of corruption from the Gomery report seems to outweigh relative prosperity, a balanced budget, and the fact that many of the Conservative candidates wear hooded white robes to late night party meetings. It seems certain to me that we will soon be lead by a man whose major political move in the campaign was to wear a turtleneck - but I have a dream.

In my dream the Tory minority must rely on the vote from a single independent MP on a non confidence vote. Playing the role of Chuck Cadman in this scenario will be Svend Robinson. Svend, having triumphed over Hedy Fry by a single vote because Hedy and her secretary forgot to vote while shoe shopping, has left the NDP caucus because Jack Layton has insisted in changing the party name to "The Pirates of the Caribbean" and taking to referring to himself as Cap'n Jack aaargh.

Oh to be a fly on the wall in that meeting.

I'll post about wine a little later this week.

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