Saturday, January 07, 2006

Television Roulette

The other night I had an epiphany, of sorts.

While watching the Thursday night re-runs I mentioned to wife that most people were probably like us in that they only watched TV regularly 1 or 2 nights a week. My job takes me out 4 nights a week, but for 925ers there are probably other impediments like sports, hobbies, movies etc. that mean they likely only watch TV regularly on say Monday and Wednesday nights.

The problem arises when re-run season hits and your Monday/Wednesday shows are all ones you have seen. The end result for us is movie rentals but if NBC, or whoever, wanted our loyalty during "encore performance" times why not switch their entire programming line-ups. Take Monday nights line-up and move flip it with Wednesday etc. or just move each night ahead one night, excluding Friday and Saturday which I understand TV executives have simply abandoned anyway.

The end result would be that I could watch a whole new group of television shows on Thursday without ever having to consult a TV guide or change the channel from my normal 9pm slot. I know Tivo is supposed to change all this but a survey in the US in 2002 showed that 47% of people didn't know how to program their VCR to record at specific times so I think my idea has some legs.

If any TV execs are reading this a moderate financial compensation would be appreciated, after all you paid somebody to write "Cop Rock"................just how high were they at that pitch meeting.

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