Saturday, January 07, 2006

Word of the Day

Occasionally words just sing out to me so once in a while I will post a word of the day.

From today's word is:

Quisling - A traitor who serves as the puppet of the enemy occupying his or her country.

[After Vidkun Quisling (1887-1945), head of Norway's government during the Nazi occupation (1940-1945).] is slightly wrong, in that Quisling wasn't actually the head of Norway's government from 1940-45, but was the guy who welcomed the Nazis with open arms and declared himself the head of an ad hoc government that lasted only 5 days. Quisling was appointed "Minister President" in 1942, a position he held until his arrest, and subsequent execution, in 1945.

Wow - how big a traitor do you have to be to have your name become a eponym for traitor !!!!!!!!!

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