Friday, April 21, 2006

Fearless Playoff Predictions - Round 1

OK, everybody else is making their "expert" projections on how the first round of the playoffs will come off, including that damn monkey, so here we go.

Western Conference

Edmonton vs. Detroit

Not one to be shy I'm callin' the upset right here, right now. There is no logic behind this except that Manny Legace leaves me cold and I figure the boys from Edmonton deserve a break. Roloson gets hot, the Red Wings nagging injuries throw them off and the Oil prevail in 6.

Colorado vs. Dallas

A few years ago this would have been the premiere matchup of round 1, now..........Meh!. I don't get too excited by either of these teams but I'll take Dallas in 6, with Turco being the difference,

Anaheim vs. Calgary

Something about the Ducks scares the crap out of me, all that speed and solid goaltending plus Burkie sitting in the executive suite biting the heads off whippets. Also the Flames have been less than impressive lately and Jerome appears a bit confused - still they have "The Kipper" and that might be all they need, I'm cautiously picking Calgary in 6.

San Jose vs. Nashville

I love the Sharks, everything from Joe Thornton down to the excellent use of Teal in their uniforms. The goaltending in San Jose might be a little suspect but I think they just have too much depth up front to succumb to the Preds. San Jose in 6.

Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay vs. Ottawa

Let me start off with the caveat that I hate the Senators, I mean I hate them - they drone on and on in the media about how great this team is and they have won NOTHING, plus I'm pretty sure Alffie is a little light in the loafers. Regardless of my hatred of them I don't think Tampa's got the goaltending so I'll hold my nose and take Ottawa in 5.

Montreal vs. Carolina

I used to hate the Habs but now I just don't care. The "experts" all love Montreal in this series but I just don't see why, Carolina in 6.

Rangers vs. Devils

2 words folks............ Martin Brodeur. It's been a nice renaissance in MSG this year with Jagr and Lundquist et al but New Jersey are hotter than jerk chicken and Marty is stronger than Kryptonite - Devils in 6.

Philadelphia vs. Buffalo

This is truly my "who cares" series - neither of these teams are good enough to win the cup but somebody has to win this series, I'll take Philadelphia because Lindy Ruff is too much of a whiner to win - Philly in 6.

There it is folks - guaranteed, unless I go 0-8 in which case I'll just hit the delete button.

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