Monday, April 24, 2006

First "Q" of the Year

After spending 40 minutes scrubbing out the venerable Weber Bulbeque we were richly rewarded last night.

Rib eyes (1 1/2 inch thick Uruguayan free range from Stong's) wet rubbed with extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, kosher salt, cracked pepper, elephant garlic and mustard powder, grilled at excruciating heat for 4 minutes per side then left to "relax" for 5 minutes created perfect MR. The steaks were accompanied by roasted red skin spuds and grilled asparagus/bell pepper combo (Broccoli for daughter who still eschews asparagus) and partnered with 2004 Reserve Carmenere from Cremaschi Furlotti (Chile). All that while basking in warm sunshine with a view of the North Shore mountains.

Daughter may have turned the corner on beef, which she has previously been ambivalent to, in that she hoovered her portion of steak.

If you have never experienced free range, grass fed South American beef before this is a good week to experiment as Stong's has RibEyes on for $5.99 a pound.

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