Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stuff that may Turn into a Post - Part 1

A friend of mine, who gets well paid to write his thoughts down, uses this technique quite often, and quite well. Basically these are things that I'm thinking about but am either too busy or too lazy to expand into a full Post.

1) Friendly Fire is a bad term.

2) Was anyone really surprised to discover that FireFighters were sexist and misogynistic ?

3) Referencing point 1 - here's a news flash ....... Soldiers get killed.
I am sad to see anyone die young for any reason but the bottom line is that soldiers face the possibility of violent death as a matter of course. My father spent 32 years in military service so I have a bit of insight into this. Canadian peacekeepers being killed in Afghanistan and US Marines in Iraq are terrible losses but they are the nature of the beast.

4) The NCAA tournament produced a ton of brilliant games ........ until the Final Four when all 3 contests were over early.

5) Neither the Leafs or the Canucks have any chance of winning the Stanley Cup - the difference is that the Leafs, and the media, have acknowledged it.

6) B.C. Wines are getting way too expensive. I recently purchased a batch from Kettle Valley, whose wines I love, at $35 a bottle. Thirty five dollars is a lot of money for wines which have little track record of cellaring, but Mission Hill has upped the ante by offering "Occulus" at $50 FOR THE ADVANCE PURCHASE PRICE - thats right pay your $50 now and wait until September to receive the wine - no barrel tasting available. If you want to wait until release date the price goes up to $60 "if there is any available" - I'm betting there will be some available.

7) David Emerson will run for the NDP in the next Federal election.

8) GSM - stands for G'Day, Sheila, Mate not Grenache-Shiraz-Mourvedre as commonly believed.

9) Baseball has started and RedSox Nation are gushing already.

10) I hate my Rotisserie league team.

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